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Biotech / Cell & Gene

The face of medicine is changing fast through advanced therapies. Biotech companies need faster lead times and strict controlled environments to develop the medicine of tomorrow. Mecart’s experienced team of in-house experts will help you with the design of your cGMP compliant cleanroom.

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sterile compounding pharmacy cleanroom manufacturing facilities

Sterile Compounding (GMP, USP-797, USP-800, NAPRA)

Mecart modular cleanrooms are the perfect solution for your compounding pharmaceutical cleanroom needs.  Mecart will help design your cleanroom to optimize the size and shape of the compounding facility to your pharmacy’s space.

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Isolation Rooms - Cleanrooms - 600 x 450

Isolations Rooms for Hospital (COVID-19)

Negative-pressure isolation rooms are required for quarantined patients with coronavirus to prevent droplets (from sneezing, coughing or exhalation) and contact transmission. Following the SARS outbreak in 2003 and now the COVID-19, the need for viral-disease containment spaces in hospitals and healthcare facilities is real. With our short lead time, MECART is the perfect partner to help you in these difficult times.

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Medical Device Manufacturing

Cleanroom design and performance play an important role in the efficiency and quality of medical device manufacturing. Medical device cleanrooms must be designed to control airborne particles as well as microorganisms.

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Cannabis industry - Cleanrooms - 600 x 450

Cleanrooms for the cannabis production

The cannabis-related industry has many processes that are done in cleanrooms, from growing in highly controlled micro-climates to winterization/distillation/extraction to the manufacturing of final product like edibles and vaporizer cartridges.

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Due to the sensitive nature of their products, clean room facilities for microelectronic and semiconductor applications require stringent environmental controls. These types of clean rooms also house extremely precise and expensive equipment.

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We hear more and more about USP-800, the new chapter of compounding standards for safe handling of hazardous drugs.

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vaccine manufacturing facility


Like any other pharmaceutical or biotechnology manufacturing environment, vaccine production requires dedicated cleanroom areas for their vaccine manufacturing facility.

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