Our Turnkey Services

In-House Specialists: Experts Dedicated to Your Cleanroom Project

Mecart’s in-house team of engineers, architects and technicians are with you from the early stages on in order to determine the specific requirements of your clean room based on your needs, up until full completion, commissioning and validation of your cleanroom.

Preliminary Engineering for Budgetary Quote

The pre-engineering process enables us to produce a budgetary quote for your clean room project by identifying your needs and objectives, the regulations and classification requirements, the general technical specifications and any other requirements.

Mecart’s turnkey service starts with our team of technical specialists regarding the planning and design of your cleanroom: ceiling, doors, flooring, mechanical systems, HVAC system, etc, every aspect is evaluated. Having worked on extensive clean room projects, varying in size and application, our experienced team can advise you whether it be on classification requirements, optimized layout based on your operations or assisting you in the development of the User Requirements Specifications.

Engineering & Design

Starting with your URS (User Requirements Specifications) Mecart will design your cleanroom and will qualify the design (DQ) to make sure it meets your requirements.

Elements considered during the design process include: clean room dimensions, door and window location, clean air supply through HEPA/ULPA filters, positive or negative pressure; required number of air changes per hour, the need for regulated temperature, relative humidity, special lighting, etc. Mecart’s in-house mechanical engineers can also guide you on HVAC systems, whether it’s the installation of Mecart’s own HVAC system or the integration of a third-party system.

The engineering, design and planning process ends with the approval of the detailed cleanroom and HVAC project drawings.

Manufacturing and Construction

Mecart modular cleanrooms are built with Mecart’s own pre-engineered modular panels, prefabricated in our factory under an ISO 9001 certified Quality Assurance System, then assembled on site. Manufacturing modular components in the controlled environment of our factory enables us to produce and guarantee product quality and on-time delivery. Unlike some cleanroom manufacturers, we control every step of the clean room manufacturing and engineering process which enables us to guarantee the performance of our products.

Shipping & Installation

Mecart offers two options: pre-engineered panels can be shipped and assembled on site, or the clean room can be fully pre-assembled at Mecart’s plant and delivered to your site. Mecart ships anywhere across the globe. While most of our projects are in Canada and the United States, we have shipped and installed projects as far as Japan and Iceland.

Mecart provides its own qualified installers, wherever in the world your clean room is to be installed. A critical advantage of our pre-engineered panels during the installation phase are the minimized onsite risks and overall installation time, since utilities such as electricity and air return are already functional within the panels. Once the installation is completed, the Mecart team will qualify the installation (IQ) making sure the cleanroom is correctly installed and that it meets the intended design specifications.

Commissioning, Pre-Certification, Pre-Validation & Documentation

Beyond panel installation, Mecart ensures the cleanroom is working properly.  At the commissioning stage, Mecart thoroughly tests the cleanroom to confirm that it will operate according to design objectives and specifications.  With the cleanroom in operation, we will balance the pressure, check temperature control, verify the airflow volume, velocity and uniformity, etc.

To ensure everything works perfectly, our technicians use instruments to verify airborne particle counts, number of air changes per hour, room pressurization, etc. This is part of the pre-certification and pre-validation process and will confirm the clean room class (ISO 6-7-8-9), along with certifying that the cleanroom operates according to the original design (operational qualification: OQ). Pre-certification is done at the static stage (also called at rest stage): up and running with the equipment and machinery but without personnel. Complete documentation is also supplied with the specifications of every panel, HEPA certificates, warranty, spare parts list, maintenance manual, etc.


Get a state-of-the-art, long-term asset that exceeds your requirements and expectations.

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