Mecart offers several clean room window options, ranging from the conventional fully flush rectangular shape window to the semi-flush round corner window. All our clean room window are designed by us. Our specialists can help you determine which type of windows you need and where to position them to best suit your clean room operations.

Clean room Window Units

Viewing panels design and location within a clean room impacts workers’ comfort and operational efficiency. With viewing panels strategically positioned in between two separate rooms, operators in each room can have visual contact and communicate without leaving their respective location. Windows are often located in visiting and inspection halls for aesthetic reasons but also to enable supervision of tasks without disrupting operations and strict protocols for admittance into control areas.

Our glass is tempered therefore in the event of breakage, it shatters in rough pieces, with no sharp fragments. Laminated glass or polycarbonate is used when there is any risk of impact. Windows can also be coated to filter wave lengths in areas where decontamination is performed using ultraviolet light (for example in optics).

Another reason why doors and windows are critical features of a cleanroom is because contaminating particles can collect on frames, sills and fasteners, thus complicating cleaning processes. Depending of your needs, windows can be completely flush or semi-flushed against the wall panel.
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Flush Clean Room Windows

Zoom on a flush window

Fully Flush Mount Window

Fully flush windows are flat against the modular wall. The absence of edges makes them easy to clean, since there are no corners to collect dust particles and micro-organisms.

Zoom on a semi-flush window

Semi-Flush Mount Clean Room Window

The most economical solution for cleanrooms with less stringent classification applications. The semi flush window has a small rubber edge that does not attract particles and is easy to clean.

Some Available Window Shape

Square Window

fully flush mounted

Fully Flush Square Window

Round Corners

semi flush mounted

Semi Flush Round Corners Window

Full Length Window Panel

fully flush mounted

Fully Flush Full-Length Window Panel

Teardrop Window

semi flush mounted

Semi Flush Teardrop Window

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