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Mecart’s in-house specialists understand the various challenges microelectronic & semiconductor fabrication plants are facing. We bring our expertise to your project by executing it with the speed and precision that matches your scope, scale, and budget. Each project begins with the careful assessment of the needs for your particular cleanroom project. The cleanroom is then designed, engineered, and manufactured to fit your specific application.


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Our cleanrooms are designed, engineered, and manufactured to fit your specific application.


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Proven track record

Mecart has manufactured hundreds of cleanrooms for various industries and applications over the past four decades. With our know-how, we are perfectly qualified to advise you on your semiconductor cleanroom project.


Flexibility of our modular cleanrooms

With our unique Hook & Seal system, modifications are inexpensive, easy, and non-disruptive of current operations. The benefit of modular cleanroom is the flexibility and adaptability which enables future reconfigurations. Modular cleanrooms can easily be removed, relocated, expanded, sold, or reconfigured.

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ESD Compatibility

Mecart galvanized steel panels are ESD compatible. Controlling temperature and humidity is critical to minimize static electricity. Mecart’s cleanrooms can use high precision humidity (up to ±2%) and temperature (up to ±0,25°C) control systems.


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