Cost of a Cleanroom per Square Foot


The cost of a modular clean room can range from less than $100 to more than $1,000 per square foot and although you can find both lower and higher prices more than 90% of projects typically fall between these amounts.


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If you want to know why you won’t find a price for your clean room project on the web, keep reading. If you really want to get a quick idea of the price you should expect, try our Cleanroom Design Calculator.


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  • Why is it impossible to give a cleanroom cost price per square foot right off?

Because there are many variables to take into consideration. The objective in giving you a price is giving you a fair price for your project, without endless extras. In order to do so, a preliminary engineering has to be done. We need to evaluate your design and make some calculations (mechanical and electrical). We also might like to challenge your design, clarify any misconceptions you may have and eliminate unnecessary spending.

In other words, we don’t have a catalogue with prices for different types of cleanrooms. We need to do preliminary engineering and compute everything before we can give a price.


  • Why you should run away if a supplier gives you a none-reflected price per square foot

The answer is simple: extras, extras, extras!!! If a supplier can easily give you a price. Run. Costs related to the cleanroom will be like a snowball rolling down a snow-covered hill. The price quoted will most likely be like a base car cost, with roll down windows, no a/c, and no radio. You don’t want that in a cleanroom. So beware! We’ve even heard of companies going bankrupt because of the final cost of the cleanroom.


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That being said, here are some aspects that influence the price per square foot of a cleanroom.

1) Cleanroom Classification


An ISO 6 and an ISO 8 cleanroom are not the same price per square foot. A non-hazardous sterile compounding cleanroom or a hazardous sterile compounding cleanroom in negative pressure are not the same price.


  • First, the amount of air is different in an ISO 6 and in an ISO 8. Remember the air is 100 times cleaner in an ISO 6 than in an ISO8. Hence the HVAC system must be capable of conditioning more than double the air. A cleanroom isn’t simply walls and ceilings. The heart of the cleanroom is the air treatment system (HVAC) which can represent between ¼ to half the price of the cleanroom.
  • In addition to the HVAC system, the cleanroom classification will also influence the required amount of enclosed rooms. For example, you can enter an ISO 8 cleanroom directly from an uncontrolled environment. On the other hand, you will need at least one airlock (recommendation is 2) before entering an ISO 6 environment. This adds wall partitions, doors, ceilings… and thus costs.

2) The Size

(the actual number of square feet)


The bigger the room, the lower the cost per square foot. This is what we call economy of scale. This is the same reason you shop at Costco. For a large cleanroom, it costs less per square foot, but more in total (since there are more square feet involved!).


3) Using a fume hood, biosafety cabinet


If your fume hood exhausts air to the exterior of the building, you will need to replace the exhausted air with fresh air. This fresh air will need to be conditioned (temperature and relative humidity). This requires a larger air make up or air handling unit.


4) Monitoring System


For most regulations, you must have a record of the conditions within the cleanroom. Do you mind writing everything down by hand or do you want the system to record everything for you? Monitoring system costs range from $500 to $20,000 +.


5) The space and location where it will be installed


Undoubtedly, the distance from the manufacturing facility to your site will influence the price.

If installation is included in the price per square foot, the cleanroom manufacturer must estimate the time and level of difficulty of installation. In order to do so, we must know everything about the location.


What is the space like?

  • Are there obstacles?
  • What is the height below the trusses?
  • Are there any columns?
  • What is the existing floor, is it concrete? Is it leveled?
  • What power is available? (1 phase, 3 phases)
  • How accessible is the available space


We once shipped a cleanroom to a 16th floor in downtown Toronto. We had to close the street, get an escort, and a crane to lift up the panels to the 16th floor and then pass them through the windows. See for yourself in this video. This is an extreme situation but you can imagine that in this particular project versus a simple installation in an empty warehouse, there is a major price difference.

Also, what is the temperature/HR control like in this space in the building, is it heated in winter and conditioned in summer? Otherwise the HVAC will have to work harder to keep the environment controlled.


6) Utilities and access panels within the walls


What services will your process require? Plain empty cleanroom panels are cheaper than utilities ready ones. If you need 3 power outlets vs 40, we are not talking about the same price.

Utilities include power receptacle (120 v, 208, 240, 600…), plumbing (hot/cold water, deionized water), compressed air, etc.


7) The High-End Look

There are different models of air return grilles, windows, doors, etc.


Doors & Windows

The number, the size and the type of windows impact the cost per square foot. So does the type and number of doors.





Full Flush or Semi-Flush

The price will also differ if you choose full flush or semi-flush mount windows.


window panel cleanroom full flush



window panel cleanroom semi flush

Semi-Flush Mount Window


Full Flush or Semi-Flush Air Return Grille

Same thing with the magnetized air return grille for a fully flush option.



Lighting System

The required level of lighting will also affect the price, whether you want the cleanroom to achieve 300 to 1200 lux.

There are also various lighting system options, ranging from the standard lighting to the full flush lighting accessible via the roof, meaning you can change the lights from outside the clean envelope.



Price Examples

The following are two cleanroom projects from opposite sides of the spectrum.

Both projects are turnkey, and include engineering, the envelope (walls, ceiling, doors, etc.), the HVAC system and installation.


Small Sterile Compounding Cleanroom

  • ISO 7
  • Small footprint (less than 200 square feet)
  • Independent HVAC (cooling, heating, humidifying) and ducting
  • Pharma grade vinyl floor


 Price = $800/square foot


Large Medical Device ISO 8 Cleanroom 

  • ISO 8
  • Large footprint (6000 square feet), with one of the rooms over 4000 square feet
  • Independent HVAC (cooling, heating, humidifying) and ducting
  • No floor


Price = $180/square foot


So as you can see, many factors must be taken into consideration when it comes to estimating the cost of a cleanroom.


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