Hospital Isolation Rooms (COVID-19)

The modular hospital is now up and running since February 2021.

Mecart is a long-standing and trusted Canadian manufacturer of modular/prefab clean environments. With our modular isolation units, we can respond with urgency to the pressing need for hospital quarantine rooms during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hospital negative air pressure rooms are required for quarantined patients with coronavirus. The isolation room prevent droplets (from sneezing, coughing or exhalation) and contact transmission of infectious agents. Following the COVID-19 outbreak, the need for viral-disease containment spaces in hospitals and healthcare facilities is real.

To prevent the spread of airborne infectious agents, health care facilities have designed airborne infection isolation rooms (AIIR Rooms) with negative-pressure differential. It generally also include a protective environment (PE) rooms with positive-pressure differential.

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Mecart negative pressure isolation room hospital layout covid 19

Negative Pressure Room Key Features and Options

  • Turnkey fully pre-assembled isolation room.
  • Minimal assembly work required on site.
  • Utilities prewired within the wall.
  • Alarm to be activated on loss differential pressure
  • Self-closing and interlock doors
  • Ensuite with shower, hands-free wash station and toilet
  • Clinical hand wash station with hands-free operation
  • 100% intake of fresh air (no recirculating air)
  • HEPA filtered exhaust air
  • Supply air ducts independent from the building air supply
  • HEPA filtration system to protect immunodeficient patients

Easily cleanable

Our smooth modular walls, doors and windows are resistant to repeat cleaning and the use of several chemicals. They also specifically designed for sterile environments.

We can respond rapidly to the pressing need for hospital isolation quarantine rooms during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Mecart’s expertise in cleanroom design and manufacturing makes us the right partner for rapid hospital isolation room fabrication.

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Why Mecart ?

Mecart is a long-standing and trusted Canadian manufacturer of modular/prefab clean environments. We are can respond rapidly to the pressing need for hospital quarantine isolation rooms during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Short lead time (4 weeks)

MECART can answer the urgent need for isolation rooms for the COVID-19 pandemic. With our high capacity plant and high-efficiency production line, we can manufacture modular rooms for health care in 4 weeks. Our unique Cam Lock system and factory engineered and prefabricated panels make our modular installation among the fastest in the industry. We can also prefabricate the pod-like facilities in our plant.

Turnkey Fully Pre-Assembled PODS

  • Plug and play
  • Simply plug electrical and mechanical utilities
  • Produced in a safe, efficient and controlled environment
  • Pre-clean: ready to use

Proven track record

Mecart has manufactured hundreds of cleanrooms for various industries and applications over the past four decades. With our know-how of hazardous drug compounding and pharmaceutical/sterile environments, we are perfectly qualified to manufacture negative-pressurized isolation rooms.


two stories cleanroom
mecart delivery truck
Hospital Isolation Room close-up
HMR corridor
prefab isolation room
Room assembly with a crane
room assembly with a crane close-up
prefab isolation room
accessories inside the isolation room

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