Modular Cleanroom

Mecart is a North American turnkey design/build modular cleanroom manufacturer with over 45 years of experience building world-class cleanrooms. Our in-house team of specialists will advise and support you from the initial design of your clean room through the commissioning process.

A Better Modular Cleanroom System

Our modular clean room concept is an independent self-standing building using prefabricated panels.

One of our many unique advantages is our free-standing walls with a fully load-bearing ceiling. This means our cleanroom is totally detached from the main building’s roof structure.

All of our modular cleanrooms are custom-made for your specific needs. We are a manufacturer of modular clean room with over 3,500 completed projects, call us today!

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  • Fewer people on-site during a project with several parallel workflows
  • Modular walls can be removed to accommodate new, larger equipment as needed
  • Design flexibility
  • Cleaner installation
  • Faster installation
  • No dust, waste or mess produced by last-minute on-site changes
  • Save up to 40% on project costs if you have to relocate your cleanroom
  • Can be sold as an asset
  • Higher and consistent quality, since production is done under ISO 9001 quality management system

Modular cleanrooms outperform traditional construction.

Why stick with old-fashioned stick-built?

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Podular (Off-Site Prefabricated Units) also available

Our Modular Cleanrooms’ Benefits

modular cleanroom benefit: MINIMIZED DISRUPTION

Clean Installation and Minimized Disruption

With our modular clean rooms, construction site disruptions due to dust, noise and vibrations and accidental damages are minimized. It’s possible to install the modular clean room while normal production is ongoing. Panels are prefabricated at Mecart’s plant with utilities (such as power outlets, networks and gas) fully integrated within panels.

It’s then easily assembled with our Hook & Seal system on your site. Some industries such as pharmaceutical and semiconductors, are sensitive to dust and debris thus doubling the benefits of our clean installation.

  • Fast and clean installation with minimum on-site disruption
  • Reduction of waste, dust and construction residue
  • Reduction in variability introduced by workers performing installation
modular cleanroom benefit: LOW MAINTENANCE COST

Low Maintenance Cost

Our modular cleanrooms’ self-supporting structure with a walkable ceiling does not require structural mezzanines for mechanical equipment. The roof’s structural capacity allows for direct installation of equipment and circulation of maintenance staff on the ceiling.

Using the walkable ceiling interstitial space for maintenance means the maintenance staff doesn’t need to enter the modular cleanroom. This results in less down time and no need to revalidate the modular clean room after the maintenance is completed. Visit our ceiling system page to learn more about our system.

modular cleanroom benefit: SHORTER LEAD TIMES

Shorter Lead Times

In some industries, time to market is a competitive advantage, and you must be ready for production as soon as possible. Mecart’s modular cleanrooms can meet these short lead times. Our high capacity plant and high efficiency production line is able to achieve short production lead times.

Mecart’s modular clean room speedy installation is among the shortest in the industry. It’s in part, because of our unique Hook & Seal system and factory engineered and prefabricated panels.

modular cleanroom benefit: COST REDUCTION

Cost Reduction

Mecart’s modular clean room system delivers financial benefits through speed of construction, minimized onsite disruption and cost reduction. Our shorter lead times allows you to bring your product to market faster, resulting in improved cash flows. Not to mention that your production can be on-going during our installation process, thus minimizing disruption.

Our turnkey solution saves money! No need to pay for project supervision during assembly, project management, contractor training costs, or potential on-site construction risks.

Contractors are too often unfamiliar with the strict rules of modular cleanroom environments and area separation. Since we manufacture most components in our own plant, we do not depend on third party suppliers. This enable us to control costs and stay within your initial budget.

modular cleanroom benefit: FLEXIBILITY & ADAPTABILITY

Flexibility & Adaptability


The modular clean room system we design and manufacture with you will take into account existing walls and floors irregularities. Our modular cleanroom panels are tailor-made to your needs. We can perfectly adapt our panels to the width, height and depth required by your modular clean room project.


With our unique Hook & Seal system, modifications are inexpensive, easy and non-disruptive of current operations. The modular cleanroom can be removed, relocated, expanded, sold or easily reconfigured.

modular cleanroom benefit: ASSET TAX ADVANTAGES

Potential Tax Savings

Mecart unique modular cleanrooms can be reconfigured, relocated, leased or sold. It may often qualify for accelerated depreciation compared to traditional built-in-place or “stick-built” construction. It’s resulting in a more flexible and less expensive solution than anything else in the market.  Consult with your accountants and tax advisors to determine the appropriate tax classification that apply to your specific situation.


Get a state-of-the-art, long-term asset that exceeds your requirements and expectations.

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