Cleanroom Ceilings

Other considerations in designing your clean room are the ceiling system along with the filtration system and the light fixtures. Depending on the application and use of your cleanroom, the ceiling might be the most important part of your cleanroom.

Unlike most cleanroom ceilings, Mecart’s ceiling systems do not require ceiling grids with parallel and perpendicular bar framework. Similar to our clean room wall panel system, our ceiling system uses prefabricated and pre-engineered steel panels with preconfigured HEPA/ULPA filters, lighting and fire sprinklers. The absence of tiles make our ceilings’ smooth finish easier to clean.

Our self-supported clean room structure allows us to provide truly walkable ceilings for every cleanroom project. With Mecart’s walkable ceilings and the access to utilities within the ceiling, maintenance costs are considerably reduced, not to mention the minimizing of down time and no need to revalidate the clean room after the maintenance has been completed.

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