Cleanroom Wall Panel System

Mecart clean room wall panels are typically built by using two heavy duty Galvannealed steel panels that are placed in sandwich to create a 4” panel, allowing electrical outlets and mechanical components to be placed within the wall cavity prior to the on-site installation. The panels are custom made for your cleanroom projects, pre-engineered and pre-fabricated to eliminate any cutting and buffing during the on-site installation.


Custom Solution is our Standard

Mecart’s cleanroom wall panels are custom built for your needs. Our configurable panel system allows us to offer custom clean rooms at competitive pricing.

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cleanroom modular pannel system

Integration of Utilities

The chase within our cleanroom walls allows housing of mechanical ductwork, electrical utilities, air returns and other utilities.

utilities integration electricity panel cleanroom modular

Integration of Electrical & Mechanical Utilities

Our panels are prewired during fabrication

  • Power Outlets and Light Switches
  • Network and Telephone
  • Magnehelic and other Monitoring Systems
cleanroom modular prefabricated panel

Pre-Engineered Access and Control Panels

  • Gas (oxygen, nitrogen, etc.)
  • Compressed air
  • Purified water
air return panel cleanroom modular

Built-in Air Return

The cleanrooms’ low air returns are engineered within the wall panel cavity, which uses less space and maximises the building footprint.

Custom-Made & Affordable

Ask us to bid and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our price!

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Our Cleanroom Walls Features

Hook & Seal System

Assembling Mecart’s modular clean rooms is as simple as putting two puzzle pieces together. Adjacent wall panels slide into one another by connecting the hooks on their side and clipping them firmly in place. Once locked, panels fit perfectly together, leaving the cleanroom wall with a completely sleek surface finish. Assembly is done without disruption as no cutting and fitting is required. With our Hook & Seal system, dismantling is as simple as assembly which allows for fast and easy reconfiguration.

Self-Sufficient Structure

Mecart modular cleanrooms are typically designed to be fully independent from the main building and meet any seismic zone requirements. Not only are the utilities all built into the ceiling panels (fire sprinklers, lighting, HEPA/ULPA filters) but modules also have their own structure and so do not require structural mezzanines for mechanical equipment. The roof’s structural capacity allows for direct installation of equipment and circulation of maintenance staff on the ceiling.


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Heavy Duty Galvannealed Steel

What makes Mecart’s panels the ultimate option for your modular clean room is the galvannealed steel’s inherent characteristics. Galvannealed steel coating is harder, and more brittle than galvanised steel. Galvannealed steel panels are non-corrosive, anti-static (ESD) (since the room itself is grounded), non-combustible and impact resistant. Therefore, it is perfectly suitable for applications such as compounding, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, microelectronics and semiconductors, high technology as well as aerospace.

Wide Variety of Paint Coatings

We offer a wide variety of paint systems to fit your needs:

  • Non-particle shredding
  • Non-outgassing
  • Cleaning resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Anti-microbial (optional)
  • Specific chemical resistant (optional)
  • Exterior installation (optional)

Wall and Ceiling Coving (optional)

Coved corners are used to dispense hard-to-clean right angles between wall-to-ceiling and wall-to-floor joints. It is usually required where aseptic operations are conducted and in more stringent classes such as ISO 5 and ISO 6 which require easy to clean environments. Clean coves, also called coved corners or clean coving, eliminate potential havens for bacteria and particulates. Mecart’s coving option is available for fully flush corner transitions between wall-to-floor and wall-to-ceiling junctions.

Thermal and Acoustical Insulation

Mecart’s clean room wall panels are insulated (R-16 insulation) for easier climate control, energy savings and a better acoustical performance.


Get a state-of-the-art, long-term asset meeting all of your requirements and expectations.

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