With 2017 now behind us, we prepared a recap of some of last year’s completed projects.

1) ISO 6 Cleanroom for a High Precision Sensor Manufacturer

This 1700 square foot cleanroom was designed and built for a high precision sensor manufacturer.



  • Fast track project completed in less than 4 months, from design to commissioning.
  • Turnkey project also included the supply of a custom-built HVAC system.
  • Extra-large 20′ bay window that offers an impressive view of the operations inside the cleanroom.

This customer requested a ‘’show room’’ type cleanroom as well as a tightly specified ISO 6 cleanliness level.

mecart cleanroom hvac

Custom-Made HVAC System

This walk-in unit delivers 24 000 CFM of conditioned air to the 1,700 square foot cleanroom above.



  • Air is delivered using 6 plenum fans powered with variable frequency drives.
  • Access doors to each of the sections ensuring easy maintenance.
  • The interior is made with the same finish as the cleanroom which makes it very easy to keep clean with no dust accumulation inside.

Additionally, MECART’s acoustical expertise ensures a quiet operation.

2) ISO 7 Sterile Compounding Cleanroom

Mecart undertook the entire design, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning of this compounding facility. Having worked with other cleanroom suppliers in the past, this client was looking for a step up. He requested a state of the art modular cleanroom from Mecart. The room’s compliance with NAPRA and USP standards was essential, but so was the aesthetics of the facility as it would be in full view of the patients. Notice the fully flush windows and Mecart’s proprietary flush air return grille design.

3) ISO 8 Cleanroom with 100% fresh air / 100% exhaust

A Mecart team travelled to Mexico to install this cleanroom. Our client needed a controlled environment for a specialized piece of equipment which had to operate in an ISO 8 class cleanroom with positive pressure. The complexity of this project resides in the fact that the process inside the specialized equipment contaminates the air and thus must be evacuated from the building. As such, the room needs a constant supply of new conditioned air (20°C and 60% RH) to compensate for the evacuation of contaminated air and to maintain the positive pressure of the room.

4) ISO 7 Sterile Compounding Non-Hazardous Facility

This facility for non-hazardous sterile compounding is built in a pharmacy. The HVAC system was entirely engineered and manufactured by Mecart, including the air handling unit.

The cleanroom is a pretty standard sterile compounding cleanroom, with options such as:

  • touchless door control
  • material transfer box (Mecart proprietary design)
  • stainless steel sink with touchless operation
  • semi-flush windows
  • pharma grade vinyl floor
  • penetration within the ceiling panel to install a camera
  • HVAC control (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, humidity)
  • KIMO cleanroom monitoring system (temperature, humidity, pressure)

5) ISO 8 Cleanroom for Medical Device Manufacturing

This cleanroom is located in a large warehouse in Ontario, Canada. The cleanliness level is equivalent to an ISO 8 but it is not certified. This project was completed in only 10 weeks, from engineering to commissioning!