Cleanroom for Electronics Manufacturing Services (ISO 6)

  • Industry: Electronic Manufacturing
  • Square footage: 2,200 square feet
  • Layout: ISO 6 (Class 1 000) Cleanroom with Gowning Area
  • Location: Ontario, Canada

An Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) specialized in Electric Contract Design

The manufacturing process of electronic products and components is often performed inside a clean room. In this case, the client wanted over 2,200 square feet of dedicated ISO 6 cleanroom space. The project includes a spacious gowning room, or antechamber. Here, the large team can comfortably prepare to enter their clean workspace through the airlock, which features two motorized sliding doors. A custom HEPA filter ensures the cleanliness of the ISO 6 (Class 1,000) clean room. Material is introduced into the cleanroom by way of a custom passthrough. Penetrations were provided for the inclusion of emergency water sprinklers.


Cleanrooms eliminate contaminated products!

Keeping airborne particulates and contaminants from destroying advanced electronics during the manufacturing and assembly process is essential for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Contaminated products cost electronics manufacturers money and important system certification. This client can be assured that their clean room investment will protect their process.


Cleanroom - Inside 550 x 354
Cleanroom - Inside 550 x 354 (2)
Cleanroom - Inside 550 x 354 (1)