Expandable cleanrooms for easy scale up

Expandable Cleanrooms for Easy Scale Up

Challenge: Finding a cleanroom solution that enables multi-phase cleanroom expansions that support the company’s growth, minimizing the disruption of injection molding operations during expansions, and capable of delivering phase 1 within an 8-month lead time.


Solution: MECART delivers a solution for MedMix’s cleanroom expansion needs with their 6,000 square feet of expandable cleanrooms. MECART modular design allows for simple future expansions, while the off-site fabrication and cleanroom panel technology reduces both production downtime and project lead time.



Flowery Branch, Georgia


Medical Devices


Injection Molding


6,000 sqft

Cleanroom Class

100,000 / ISO 8 / Grade D


MedMix aims to support its growth in the Healthcare sector in the US market with the addition of a new manufacturing facility near Atlanta, in the Peach State. The new MedMix Healthcare US center needs a large cleanroom area for manufacturing pre-filled syringes used in surgical procedures.



The cleanroom system they needed to pick for their cleanroom project had to be able to meet these criteria:


  • Multi-Phase Expansion: The solution must be modular and adaptable to accommodate future cleanroom additions.


  • Minimized Disruption: The solution chosen should reduce and minimize the downtime of cleanroom injection molding operations. 


  • Meet the Highest Quality Standards: A high-quality cleanroom system that complies with GMP and ISO 13485 standards


  • Meet Time & Price Commitments: Meeting an 8-month lead time and fixed price for the initial phase (Phase 1). 


MECART delivered the perfect answer for MedMix – an expandable cleanroom solution that meets all their criteria and surpasses expectations. 



Plan for the Future, Scale with Ease with Expandable Cleanrooms 


MedMix Healthcare US needs 6,000 square feet of ISO 8 cleanrooms for phase 1 of their project to consolidate their North American presence.


Expansion phases to increase production capacity are already planned for the near future. An additional 6,000 square feet of cleanrooms will be added to their brand-new manufacturing center. 


MECART’s expandable cleanrooms offer a future-proof solution that will grow with MedMix’s long-term business plan. Our modular design simplifies expansion, minimizing production downtime and its related financial losses. This enables MedMix to start with a lower initial investment and scale up as needed.


Modular, expandable cleanrooms bring multiple benefits for companies looking to plan the future growth ahead.


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Advanced Cleanroom Solutions for Manufacturing Medical Devices that Meet the Highest Standards


Having a modular solution that would meet their expansion plans was an important criterion, but so was the quality and reliability of the cleanroom system. MedMix needs advanced cleanroom solutions for manufacturing medical devices that meet the highest quality standards.


MECART Advanced Cleanroom Solutions For Dust-Free Injection Molding

Manufacturing medical devices necessitates strict adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations and the ISO 13485 quality management system. To meet these requirements, MedMix is seeking advanced cleanroom solutions.


Why MedMix Chose MECART 

MECART stood out to MedMix for several reasons:


  • Superior Quality and Proven Compliance: MECART’s advanced cleanroom solutions boast exceptional quality and a history of compliance across various industries and regulations.  Plus, our entire product line is designed to meet strict GMP compliance standards.


  • Expertise and Customization: MedMix was impressed by the quality, design, and engineering of MECART’s cleanroom components. Furthermore, MECART’s architects and cleanroom specialists provided valuable guidance and tailored a solution that addressed all of MedMix’s requirements.


By choosing MECART, MedMix gained a cleanroom solution that not only facilitates their future expansion project but also ensures quality and regulatory compliance for their medical device manufacturing.

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