Mecart built a Grade C cell banking cleanroom for this biopharmaceutical company

This biopharmaceutical company has developed a unique plant-based technology, producing plant-derived VLP vaccines and antibodies to protect people against several infectious diseases. They currently develop vaccine candidates against SARS CoV2, Influenza and Rotaviruses (gastroenteritis).

To develop their vaccines, they use virus-like particles (VLP), which mimic viruses’ natural structure and make them easily distinguishable for the immune system.

Cell Banking Suite / Cleanroom

Cell bank production needs to meet the cGMP cleanroom and manufacturing requirements ordered by sanctioning authorities such as the US FDA or Health Canada.

That’s where Mecart’s expertise in designing biotech cleanrooms comes into play. The grade C cleanroom area includes all the necessary equipment for cell banking activities.


Biotech & Biopharma Cleanroom for vaccine manufacturing via cell culture

There are diverse types of VLP vaccines. They can be made from mammal cells or from plant cells. Plant-derived vaccines are innovative within the biopharma and biotech industries.

For example, of the 212 vaccine potential candidates for COVID-19 listed by the World Health Organization (WHO), only four were plant-based.

You can do business with a CDMO for your cell banking operations and only take care of the vaccine production. But if you decide to do it internally, your vaccine cleanroom facility will need a cell bank suite to control the whole process.

Here is a list of the equipment you may need to think of when designing your cleanroom.

Cell banking and vaccine cleanroom equipment:

  • Bioreactors / Incubators
  • Cryopreservation equipment
  • Biological Safety Cabinet
  • Material and Personal Airlocks (MAL/PAL)
  • Quality Control and Analytical Equipment for Cell Culture
  • Environmental Monitoring equipment
  • Ultra-Freezer or Liquid Nitrogen Freezers
  • Purified Water system
  • And more


Let our engineers and professional team help you with process integration and all your custom needs. Our biotech cleanroom expertise will ensure your compliance with cleanliness level, temperature, humidity, and requirements for all sanctioning bodies.

GMP Cell Banking Suite (2)
GMP Cell Banking Suite

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