ISO 5 Nanofabrication Cleanroom Facility

  • Industry: Nanofabrication
  • Square footage: 1,800 square feet of cleanroom space
  • Layout: ISO 5 yellow room, ISO 6 yellow room, ISO 6 white room, airshower, ISO 7 gowning room, ISO 8 vestibule, custom air shower
  • Location: Vancouver, BC

The Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute is developing the first nanofabrication cleanroom facility at the University of British Columbia. The state-of-the-art laboratory is set to become the first of its kind in Canada. Three distinct clean rooms have been constructed, including an ISO 5 (class 100) yellow room, an ISO 6 (class 1000) yellow room, and an ISO 6 white room. Completing the suite are an ISO 8 vestibule, an ISO 7 gowning room (or anteroom) and a custom-designed air shower.

The major investment made in this project will provide a more streamlined production process for researchers who are designing nanostructures on semi-conductive substrates. The cleanroom laboratory will be available to both academic and industry users.

UBC’s pre-existing cleanroom was half the size, and no longer able to provide the cleanliness required for device fabrication across multidisciplinary applications. In creating the new design, the Mecart team was challenged to build a custom air handling unit that could support all rooms of the cleanroom space. Due to its size, the air handler then needed to be built on-site because it was too large to fit through any of the building’s doors. A lack of available ceiling space also required Mecart to provide custom ductwork.

Mario Beaudoin, researcher and manager of the NanoFab facility, has studied and worked in several different cleanrooms throughout his career and mentioned that the Mecart cleanrooms are very high in quality. “What I like most about our new cleanrooms are the air pressures and the solid ceilings. The doors are nicer than most cleanroom doors because there are less places where dust can hide,” said Beaudoin.

The final product is a true representation of the client’s vision despite the challenges. Beaudoin added, “We expect to double our usage of the cleanroom because it’s so much nicer than our old cleanroom and offers better quality to users.”


Nanofabrication -

ISO 6 white room (Class 1000)

Yellow room ISO

ISO 5 (class 100) yellow room


Custom-Built Air Shower


ISO 7 gowning room

Custom-Made Cleanroom Air Handling Unit

The cleanroom’s air handling unit delivers 31,500 CFM of conditioned air to the 1,800 square foot cleanroom.

  • Custom-built air handling unit
  • Custom-designed ductwork

For this project, Mecart assembled the air handling unit (AHU) on-site at the University of British Columbia. The attached picture is from another project. The image is simply to show an air handling unit example once assembled.