ISO 6 Cell Production Cleanroom for Animal Laboratory

  • Biotechnology
  • ISO 6 & ISO 7
  • 1,250 square feet
  • Canada

Biotech cleanroom facility: Providing tools for therapeutics and vaccine development

This Canadian-based biotechnology company is specialized in in-vivo research services and provides chimeric mice for several applications such as gene editing and for testing toxicity in clinical studies. To extend their product line and sustain growth, this client needed a new cleanroom facility. The 1,250 sq.ft. animal laboratory includes an animal room, a surgery room, and a cell preparation room for cell culture and media prep operations. This modular clean room lab also contains air showers, interlocks/gowning rooms and the HVAC system.


Animal Biotechnology to Advance Human Health

Animal models mimicking human disease are essential to study how potential therapeutics or biotherapeutics act on the body. They are used for defining the toxicity levels of those medicines in preclinical trials, before being conducted on humans in clinical trials. For instance, in gene therapy, those transgenic animals are used to test the safety, efficacy, dosage and localization of transgene expression of viral vectors. Most of the animals used in biotechnology are mice with immunodeficiencies. To ensure the safety and the maintenance of those valuable genetically modified animals, a clean room environment is required. This biotech client needed  ISO 6 and ISO 7 cleanrooms to control the level of humidity, the temperature, and pressure but mostly to maintain the level of cleanliness required to prevent cross contamination and provide quality control.

The Benefits of Modular Construction for Animal Laboratory Cleanrooms

Under the CCAC Guidelines, Animal Laboratory Facilities must be designed to facilitate the cleaning processes and be resistant to water and chemicals used for sanitation. Mecart’s modular clean room panels are sturdy and impervious. Plus, all finishing and sealing components are integrated and flush, free of edges or visible screws that may accumulate dirt or dust. Those characteristics make them perfect for easy maintenance and sanitation. The cleanroom panels are also resistant to chemical cleaning agents. Animal Laboratory Facilities can be costly to build, so taking future needs in consideration is a must. It’s why modular buildings offer the perfect solution because they provide flexibility and expandability.

Biotech - Cell Production - Animal Laboratory
Biotech - Cell Production - Animal Laboratory 550x354
Biotech - Cell Production - Animal Laboratory 550x354
Biotech - Cell Production - Animal Laboratory 550x354
Biotech - Cell Production - Animal Laboratory 550x354
Biotech - Cell Production - Animal Laboratory 550x354