ISO 6 Cleanroom for Semiconductor

Cleanroom for High-Accuracy Sensor Manufacturing

This 1700 square foot ISO 6 cleanroom was designed and built for a high-accuracy sensor manufacturer in British Columbia. It was a fast track project completed in less than 4 months, from design to commissioning. This turnkey project included the supply of a custom built HVAC system.

Notice the large 20’ bay window that offers an impressive view of the operations inside the cleanroom. This customer requested a ‘’showroom’’ type cleanroom as well as a high-performance ISO 6 cleanliness level.

Custom-Made Cleanroom Air Handling Unit

This walk-in unit delivers 24 000 CFM of conditioned air to the 1,700 square foot cleanroom.

  • The air is delivered using 6 plenum fans powered with variable frequency drives.
  • Notice the access doors to each of the sections ensuring easy maintenance.
  • The interior is made with the same finish as the cleanroom which makes it very easy to keep clean. No dust accumulation is possible inside.
  • Additionally, Mecart’s acoustical expertise ensures a quiet operation.