• Industry: Biomedical  / MedTech
  • Application: Biomedical Molecular PCR Testing
  • Square footage: 120  feet of cleanroom wall with 5 openings for conveyor belts and windows
  • Cleanroom Class: ISO 8 Cleanroom (Class 100,000)
  • Location: Quebec, Canada

The ISO 8 space addition includes a gowning room and a full production line with 5 openings for conveyor belts. Mecart designed and installed cutting-edge cleanroom panels to complete the warehouse and shipping dock area. The wall design also needed to provide a large enough opening for equipment delivery. Additionally, Mecart’s modular solution made it possible for our installation team to work in tandem with the client’s production equipment delivery without causing delay.


Why This Client Chose Modular Cleanrooms over Stick-Built

  • Fewer people on-site during a project with several parallel workflows
  • Modular walls can be removed to accommodate new, larger equipment as needed
  • Design flexibility
  • No dust, waste or mess produced by last-minute on-site changes

Like most pharmaceutical and biomedical companies, this MedTech had previously chosen traditional construction for their cleanroom needs. Their first encounter with Mecart was through the purchase of a simple pass-through integration. The PM was impressed with Mecart’s product and professionalism and decided to try Mecart’s product for a wall addition. The project went smoothly and beyond expectations. They got to experience the difference between the old-fashioned stick-built (drywall) construction and the new modular way. The Project Manager was blown away by the advantages of modular walls and wondered why he hadn’t switched to modular earlier.

The cleanroom was built in tandem with the delivery of a new process automation system and a new packaging design for increased manufacturing of PCR test kits. Working with parallel workflows was considered one of the biggest challenges from the client’s perspective. “Synchronicity between the teams was essential for the project’s success,” said the Project Manager. As it happens, when the automation equipment arrived, the location of the conveyor belts were not located according to the initial architechtural plan. Last-minute cutting adjustments had to be done on-site. “I was so happy to be cutting steel instead of gypsum or drywall at that moment,” explained the PM, adding “Dust would’ve been unacceptable at this stage of the project.” Another change made was the addition of windows that were not part of the original plan. Thanks to Mecart’s modular design, this change was quick and clean.

The client was very satisfied, stating that the entire Mecart team was very professional and knowledgeable, and offered incredible agility to deliver the end product that was envisioned.

The design/build process can’t always predict the adjustments needed on-site – Mecart modular cleanroom walls adapt with ease!


About this Biomedical Company

Agility in Managing Infectious Disease

This MedTech client needed to enhance business operations to keep up to date with global regulatory requirements in the production of qPCR or real-time PCR (polymerase chain reaction) molecular diagnostic test kits for rapid testing of infectious diseases. The RT-PCR is quantifying viral, bacterial and fungal loads in DNA and RNA. It may also be used for quantitative analysis of gene expression and DNA microarray results. It also happens to be a technology used for Covid-19 test kits.

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