NAPRA Compliant Cleanroom Pharmacy

This Ontario-based healthcare and pharmaceutical company needed a new sterile compounding pharmacy. The clean room environment is divided into 2 spaces: a non-hazardous ISO 7 cleanroom and an ISO 8 anteroom.

The sterile compounding cleanroom is 450 square feet and includes a pass-through with an interlocking system. The stand-alone cleanroom is not fixed to the already existing structure of the building and is completely independent.

The cleanroom walls, windows, and ceiling are entirely edgeless, making it difficult for airborne particles to collect in cracks. The entirely flush finish makes them easy to clean. They are also designed to be resistant to harsh chemicals and cleaning agents.

The sterile compounding pharmacy delivered by Mecart also includes a hands-free operating sink and a monitoring system. The monitoring system is equipped with alarms for pressure deviations from standard parameters. The monitoring system works with humidity, pressure, and temperature sensors.

Mecart can guarantee that the cleanroom is NAPRA and USP compliant for any sterile compounding pharmacy.

In a nutshell, this sterile compounding pharmacy consists of:

  • An ISO 7 cleanroom with an ISO 8 anteroom
  • 450 sq. ft. of cleanroom space
  • Flush finish for walls, windows, and ceiling
  • Easily cleanable
  • NAPRA/USP Compliant
  • A sink, a monitoring system, and pass-through

Choosing a Cleanroom Solely Based on Price Alone can be Costly

At first, when this client contacted us, he was hesitating between Mecart and another cleanroom manufacturer. The other cleanroom manufacturer was cheaper, and the pharmacy decided to pick this one based on financial reasons. A decision that they quickly regretted.

They had several items of inadequacy with their cleanroom, and the HVAC was not functioning correctly. They reached out to Mecart and decided to rebuild their entire cleanroom suite. The client initially wanted to save money but ended up paying much more by literally paying for 2 cleanrooms.

Napra Compliant Cleanroom Pharmacy 352 x 250 (3)

Choose a Cleanroom Manufacturer with Experience

Different industries require cleanrooms for their operations, but the requirements may vary significantly from one to another. Some applications need more stringent features for their cleanroom environment, and that’s why it is essential to pick a cleanroom manufacturer wisely.

Are they an expert in their field? How long have they been in business? Did they do any similar projects to yours? Do they have a track record?

Choosing the proper cleanroom manufacturer can help you save time, money, and many concerns!

Napra Compliant Cleanroom Pharmacy 352 x 250 (5)
Napra Compliant Cleanroom Pharmacy 352 x 250 (5)
Napra Compliant Cleanroom Pharmacy 352 x 250 (3)
Napra Compliant Cleanroom Pharmacy 352 x 250 (5)
Napra Compliant Cleanroom Pharmacy 352 x 250 (5)
Napra Compliant Cleanroom Pharmacy 352 x 250 (5)


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