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David Arrouart

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GMP Wall System

GMP Wall System - Harsh Chemicals Resistance

Harsh Chemicals Resistance

  • Custom steel panels engineered for high resistance to corrosive effects of harsh chemicals.
  • Sealants between panels designed to withstand exposure to chemicals without deteriorating.
  • Wall system allowing easy repairs, removal or replacement of panels.
  • High-quality paint formulated to withstand harsh chemicals and provides an easy-to-clean surface.
  • Flush-finish simplifies and accelerates cleaning process, helps upholding high quality standards over time.
GMP Wall System - Flexible System

Flexible System

  • Design for dynamic needs of cleanroom facilities. Allows for adaptable room sizes, design configurations, and the ability to expand, downsize, or reorganize as needed.
  • A clean design for fast installation and ease of use – provides a user-friendly experience for both the initial setup and ongoing operation.
  • Quickly and efficiently address maintenance requirements without disrupting ongoing operations, with the convenience of integrated panels.
  • A wall system design that guarantees nothing obstructs a worker when accessing utilities or conducting cleaning processes, allowing for seamless and efficient daily operations.
  • Effortlessly add or remove equipment, repurposing the space to suit unique requirements.
  • Wall system minimizes downtime and disruptions while maintaining a clean working environment.
GMP Wall System - Quick Time to Market

GMP Design

  • Modular construction offers up to 50% faster deployment time because panel manufacturing is done off-site and occurs simultaneously with on-site foundation work. (
  • Prefabricated panels are designed once, ensuring faster delivery without unnecessary complications.
  • Pre-engineering process accelerates deployment by reducing complexity.
  • Modular systems allows for quick and clean installation and minimize disruptions, keeping your operations running smoothly.
  • Simpler turnaround when the unexpected happens, providing more accurate on-target project delivery and meeting deadlines.

We had a great experience working with MECART and it was a great collaborative process from beginning to end. Everyone worked together really well to come up with a design that we felt really optimized the people and materials flow for the clean room.

Jon Hicks

Director of Pharmacy, STAQ Pharma

STAQ Pharma


GMP MECART - GMP Modular System

GMP Modular System

  • ISO 9001 certified reflecting the highest industry standards and commitment to quality.
  • Cam lock system ensures airtight integrity and high GMP standards.
  • Installation process is executed with utmost precision, resulting in a clean and seamless setup.
  • Lower long-term costs through improved efficiency and reduced maintenance.
  • Prefabricated panels allow for a two-step construction process on and off-site, speeding up installation and time-to-market.
GMP MECART - GMP Engineering

GMP Engineering

  • Walkable ceiling design simplifies maintenance, providing easy access without disrupting your clean operations.
  • Self-sustained walls independent from main building, offering significant cost reductions by eliminating the need for structural buidling modifications.
  • MECART cleanroom walls load capacity allows for HVAC system installation directly on top, minimizing the need for additional support structures, reducing costs.
  • In-house engineers and HVAC specialists with extensive experience in GMP cleanroom environments.
  • Integrated low wall air-return built into the panels improves air circulation and simplifies the HVAC system setup, design and usage.

GMP Design

  • Flush-finish design provides seamless, easy-to-clean surfaces supporting the highest GMP cleanroom standards
  • 4 to 8-inch thick steel panel wall system integrating critical utilities and systems into the panel itself (such as air returns)
  • Precision-crafted coving eliminates tricky angles, minimizing dust and particle accumulation
  • Proprietary CleanWeld sealant technology used to maintain strong, durable bonds that can withstand the harshest chemicals
  • Customized design options, including variable heights within a single room, contribute to HVAC cost savings and adaptability

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Vaccine Manufacturing Facility Cleanrooms

  • 14,000 sqft built under 5 months
  • Cleanroom grades: B, C & D
  • 4 different ceiling heights minimizing operational costs
  • Subculture room, media preparation room, packaging room
  • Client greenlit 10,000 sqft phase 2 expansion
ThermoFisher Scientific

GMP Modular Clearoom for Vaccine Plastic Components

  • 18,000 sqft cleanroom built in 4 months
  • Cleanroom grades: B & C
  • Stand-alone cleanroom with self-supportive structures
  • Wall system supports HVAC and 30 offices mezzanine
  • Custom panels for easy maintenance access and equipment replacements
MRNA and Plasmid DNA Manufacturing Cleanroom

Biotech CDMO MRNA & Plasmid DNA Manufacturing Cleanroom

  • 2,300 sqft cleanroom facility
  • Cleanroom grades: B, C & D
  • Fill/finish suite, manufacturing labs, master cell banking room
  • Modular cleanroom built-in structure counters lack of ceiling strenght

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Panel Data Sheet (PDF)

Panel Data Sheet

Crafted from 16-gauge galvannealed steel in 4”, 6”, and 8” thicknesses, MECART’s panels offer noise reduction with an STC of 35, R-16 thermal insulation, and can support a walkable ceiling with 20 lbs/square foot. Built-in air return systems optimize space, and panels are pre-engineered for utilities, meeting rigorous fire resistance standards and GMP requirements with a highly scratch-resistant, chemically resistant finish.

CleanWeld (PDF)

Cleanweld Data Sheet

Proprietary CleanWeld sealant is used to achieve a robust, dependable bond and seal between walls, ceiling panels, accessories, moldings, and trims. This two-component, ultra-white, high-strength structural blend offers non-flammable properties, environmental friendliness with no VOC content, and resistance to weathering and chemicals. With a fast curing time of just 60 minutes, CleanWeld is the ideal choice for various cleanroom bonding and sealing applications.


Download the Cleanroom Brochure

The brochure details MECART’s engineering capabilities, the MECART cleanroom features along with data sheets and case studies.